I blog because I can ..

Reading or writing, talking or listening, blogging or thinking ..  who is to say which is the most important?

I set up this blog to share some of my thoughts and opinions on books I have read or am currently reading.   I have always loved the experience and the camaraderie of book groups, meeting with other people, the regular routine, the familiarity, the conversations about life and books – people and experiences.  I am a pretty average reader  – middle of the road – meaning that sometimes I get confused with grammar and meaning and often I have to research a phrase or word (or ask a fellow reader), to fully understand the context and meaning in relation to the book or article I am reading.

So this is my little book group, my own special Club.  Mistakes allowed and difference in opinion accepted.   Please feel free to comment on any of the posts.

The Bourgeois Book Club is open to new members and there is no joining fee.

It is a pretty conventional group , hence the name Bourgeois.   By the way, we  don’t just read and discuss non-fiction, we also discuss novels, children’s books and other ‘stuff’ as well (like blogs, speeches, plays etc.).

We meet regularly at a space that is comfortable for both you and me – and at a time that is most convenient for you, my friend.  Come, make yourself a coffee, pour yourself a glass of wine, or if you so desire grab some chocolate or a chunk of bread and cheese and let’s get together to talk about ‘reading and writing’.

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou.”(Omar Khayyam)

Welcome to my Bourgeois Book Club!


Come fellow reader - come share with me ...

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