On loss and blame

“Perhaps it was her way of mothering me, or perhaps – more fairly – it was an element of her mothering I was able to accept.”

“Poor mother, I rejected her as much as she rejected me – and for the same reason.  Neither of us could bear the other with Jonny gone – or, rather, neither of us could bear that he had gone and we were, each of us, the reminder that he had.  It was years before it occurred to me that my mother believed I blamed her for Jonny’s death every bit as much as I believed she blamed me.  After all, it was she who had been uncharacteristically ill that fatal morning and allowed her two small sons to go off unsupervised.” (Vickers, pp 52)

The above is an extract from Bourgeois Book’s recommended read for the month of April, 2014.  Each month a new book or speech or play – sharing what I have read and enjoyed reading.

VICKERS, Salley. The Other Side of You.  Netley Australia:  Griffin Press. 2006.


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