Book – November’s read

“No, no, no she said, ‘What am I going to do when he’s gone?  Who’s going to clean the swimming pool?’

“There was a hush in the courtroom, her words hung in the air for several moments, and her selfishness took our breath away”   (Holborow, 1997:38).

HOLBOROW, Barbara.  Those Tracks on My Face.  Milsons Point NSW:  Random House Australia. 1997

Those Tracks on My Face is my recommended read for the month of November.  This non-fiction paperback offers a mind-opening view of the world of children in trouble and the related court experiences.    If you enjoy reading about families and relationships as well as want to learn more about law in Australia and the impact on children I suggest you may find this book an emotional yet ‘good read’.


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