Janas – the God of gates and doorways

‘Tell me another myth,’ Isabel said.

Tom thought for a moment.  ‘You know Janas is where January comes from?  It’s named after the same god as this island. He’s got two faces, back to back.  Pretty ugly fellow.’

‘What’s he god of?’

‘Doorways.  Always looking both ways, torn between two ways of seeing things.  January looks forward to the new year and back to the old year.  He sees past and future.  And the island looks in the directions of two different oceans, down to the South Pole and up to the Equator.’

‘Yeah, I’d got that,’ said Isabel. She pinched his nose and laughed.  ‘Just teasing.  I love it when you tell me things.  Tell me more about the stars.  Where’s Centaurus again?’

Tom kissed her fingertips and stretched her arm out until he had lined it up with the constellation.   ‘There.’

Is that your favourite?’ You‘re my favourite.  Better than all the stars put together.’

STEADMAN, M.L., Light Between Oceans.  North Sydney, NSW:  Random House.  2012


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