Act Thin – Stay Thin

It is time to catch up and let you know what I have been reading and enjoying …

There was a time when the pavements of every town, were crowded: now strollers are often the exception rather than the rule.  Our playing fields were once jammed with eager sportsmen of all ages:  now many of us spend our Sundays watching TV and the parks are the province of ‘health nuts’ and the young.  We used to wash our clothes by hand, sweep the floor with a broom and fetch in coal for the fire;  now these and dozens of other minor jobs are done by our electronic slaves.  We have refined the art of doing nothing to such a point the we even have mechanical vibrators to tone up muscles that ache from inactivity.  In short, we will spare no expense and apply the heights of our ingenuity to any task that will allow us to push a button rather than walk.  We have reached that unhappy moment when almost no task is too simple to warrant calling upon a machine to do the job for us, and no trip too short to warrant the use of the family car. The result of this energy-sparing way of life is serious.  We have become a nation of heavy-limbed, stiff-jointed armchair dwellers.  As a result, our bellies have broadened and our stamina has waned.

STUART, Dr Richard B., Act Thin – Stay Thin. St Albans, Herts: Granada Publishing Limited. 1978.  222 pp. (non-fiction).


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