Move More – Eat Less

The value of increased activity goes far beyond its impact upon weight.  It can improve the health of the heart and circulatory system in several different ways, not the least of which is by preventing the build up of extra cholesterol in the bloodstream and by cutting down the amount of fat that’s already there,   It can also improve your state of mind in six important ways;  even a small increase in the amount of physical activity can help to:

  1. Reduce the level of tension and stresses which you experience;
  2. Help you to rest more comfortably and to sleep better;
  3. Help to improve your concentration and enthusiasm for work and play;
  4. Help to improve your mood;
  5. help to reduce your appetite; and
  6. help to improve your self-confidence.

Increased activity can help to reduce tension because tension is, at its root, a physical experience.  As you learned in Chapter 11, by helping muscles to relax the cues that trigger the psychological experience of stress can be minimized.  When you feel less tension, you are likely to find relaxation easier and sleep deeper and more satisfying.  Feeling better rested, you are almost certain to find it easier to concentrate on your work and to meet the challenges of everyday living.

STUART, Dr Richard B., Act Thin – Stay Thin. St Albans, Herts: Granada Publishing Limited. 1978.  222 pp. (non-fiction).


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