Don’t make no false pretense

‘Tea Cake, you sure you want me tuh go tuh dis picnic wid yuh?’

‘Me scramble ’round tuh git de money tuh take yuh – been workin’ lak uh dawg for two whole weeks – and she come astin’ me if Ah want her tuh go!  Puttin’ mahself tuh ul whole heap uh trouble tuh git dis car so  you kin go over tuh Winter Park or Orlandah tuh buy de things you might need and dis woman set dere and ask me if Ah want her tuh go?

‘Don’t git mad, Tea Cake, Ah just didn’t want you doin’ nothin’ outa politeness.    If dere’s somebody else you’d ruther take, it’s all right wid me.’

‘Naw, it ain’t all right wid you.   If it was you wouldn’t be sayin’ dat.   Have de nerve tuh say what you mean.’

‘Well, all right, Tea Cake.  Ah wants tuh go wid you real bad, but, – oh, Tea Cake, don’t make no false pretense wid me!’


Hurston, Zora Neale.  Their Eyes were watching God.  United States of America:   JP Lippincott Company.  1937


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