I have a growing library in the hallway of my home  …. and my love of books, poetry and literature has led me to creating this blog.   One day I would love to have a room in my home dedicated to the reading of books and making of music.  I continue to dream!

I am guided by recommended reads and suggestions from others (friends, publishers, librarians and my local bookshop) and regularly meet up with other people over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to talk about books and authors.   For the most part, my blog posts and comments come from my personal library and the books I have read or am currently reading.

I am interested in art & culture, books & literature, music & jazz and everything in between.  I blog to share my blunders and blues, my banter and biases as well as my favourites quotes or section from what I am currently reading.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts if you have read the book (or not) and let me know your thoughts about the author or book listed.

Happy reading!!



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